Discover Your Style

Discover Your Style

There’s no denying that putting on your favourite outfit is a real mood booster. In fact, studies show that what we wear can affect how we interact with others and with the world around us, enhance our psychological state, and improve our performance when carrying out tasks.

So if you are seeking some positive vibes, it’s worth investing some time and thought into your outfit choices.

Here are our top tips for resetting your wardrobe, making the most out of your key pieces and ensuring you feel confident and ready to face the day ahead


The best place to start with refreshing your wardrobe is to do a detox. Re-evaluate your relationship with your clothes by sorting them into piles — keep, mend, swap, upcycle, sell, donate or recycle. Try to avoid throwing clothes away, instead give them a new life by fixing them or passing them on to a new home.

Take the ‘keep’ pile and organise into seasons. Store anything that isn’t relevant for the season in a separate trunk to free up space. Next, colour code or arrange by item type to make it quicker to find what you need.

Doing this on a regular basis will keep your wardrobe in check and also save you money on spur of the moment purchases.


Once you have organised your existing wardrobe, identify any gaps. Could you do with some more colour or prints? Or perhaps some everyday basics? Buy quality pieces that are designed to last. Invest in breathable, organic basics and versatile footwear and accessories. Statement jewellery or a print scarf is a quick and easy way to add colour to an outfit.

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