Thoughtful Shopping

Thoughtful Shopping

Now high street shopping is slowly returning, you’ll notice that there are plenty of summer sales and discounts popping up on our inbox.

Before we get swept away with impulse sale purchases (the temptation is real!), we are taking a step back to consider how we can continue to buy in a thoughtful, sustainable way, even during sale periods.

Wear & Care

We have our own mantra, Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On. It is all about looking after your clothes, making them last for longer and ensuring that they never make it to landfill – one of the biggest polluters in the Western World. With our mantra in mind, we have created some thoughtful pointers to consider when making your next purchase.

Think of the workers

When we see an item of clothing at a particularly low price it makes us think about how has it been made, who is making it and the conditions they are making it in. We only have to think about the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh and many similar incidents to remind ourselves that for every penny squeezed someone is impacted.

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